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Granite Setts

Our beautiful Granite setts have hand-cut edges making them perfect for pathways and driveways as well as creating the finishing touches alongside the paving.

The granite setts have a natural finish as they are directly taken from the ground and split along natural lines. Using a chisel or hammer, the setts are hand-cut to give their shape and natural look. The surface results in a riven and naturally rippled texture.

Granite Sett Design Ideas

Match up the Granite setts with our porcelain Granito to mix the traditional natural stone with a contemporary feel. To finish off your granite landscape, use our stunning granite bench.

Our granite setts come, Silver Grey, which comes in a choice of 100mm or 50mm thicknesses.

Colours vary in all-natural stone products, all the images shown are as a guide only.

These beautiful hand cropped granite setts can also be used for pathways and driveways.

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Granite Setts

Our Granite Setts Collection is both beautifully striking and extremely hardwearing with a fine-textured surface.

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Silver Grey Granite Setts


Dimensions: 100 x 100mm

4m2 per pack

Quantity Per Pack: 400 per pack

Thickness: 100mm thick

Dimensions: 100 x 100mm

7m2 per pack

Quantity Per Pack: 700 per pack

Thickness: 50mm thick

Dimensions: 100 x 200mm

7m2 per pack

Quantity Per Pack: 350 per pack

Thickness: 50mm thick


These beautiful hand cropped granite setts can also be used for driveways. The sizes stated are the actual size -/+ 10% tolerance.