Granite Setts Silver Grey
Granite Setts
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Granite Setts

Our beautiful Granite setts have hand cut edges making them perfect for pathways and driveways as well as creating the finishing touches alongside the paving.

The granite setts have a natural finish as they are directly taken from the ground and split along natural lines. Using a chisel or hammer, the setts are hand cut to give their shape and natural look. The surface results in aRead More

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Silver Grey

100 x 100mm4m2 per pack 400 per pack 100mm thick
100 x 100mm 7m2 per pack 700 per pack 50mm thick
100 x 200mm 7m2 per pack 350 per pack 50mm thick


These beautiful hand cropped granite setts can also be used for driveways. The sizes stated are the actual size -/+ 10% tolerance.