Limestone Honey Blend

Size: 500 Piece Pack ( "11.25m² / 150 X 150 mm" )
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal
Product Information

The limestone setts we offer are a versatile option that can enhance the beauty of both contemporary and traditional settings. Limestone paving has been a preferred choice among designers and architects for many years, thanks to its timeless aesthetic and natural texture. It offers exceptional visual appeal with its subtle shading and natural patterns, available in a variety of breathtaking shades and textures. Additionally, it is highly durable, ensuring that your outdoor space will remain stunning for many years to come.

Pathway Setts features :

  • Hand-Cut Edge on all Setts, with Cathedral and Honey Blend featuring a Tumbled Edge and Finish
  • Thickness of 25-40mm 
Installation Guide and Laying Patterns

You can find our Installation Guide Here!

You can find all our Laying Patterns Here!

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