six eight series silverstone grey display image
Grass between paving
paving steps in greenery

Silverstone Grey

Thickness: 20 mm
20 mm
Size: Single Piece Pack ( "800 X 800 mm" )
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal

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Product description
Our Six & Eight range of porcelain tiles is the perfect solution for achieving the natural look of stone while enjoying the low maintenance benefits of porcelain. Available in a 600x600mm and 800x800mm format, these tiles mimic the look of slate, travertine, or terracotta with remarkable accuracy.

With its natural appearance, the Six & Eight range is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of natural materials but don't want the hassle of maintenance that comes with them. These tiles are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep, making them a practical choice for any home.
Installation Guidelines
Laying Patterns

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