Inspiration for a Small Patio

Inspiration for a small patio

How to Transform a Small Patio

A garden is an inviting space, no matter the size. With clever and creative use of paving, you can transform your landscape creating an illusion of a bigger patio.


Porcelain Trento with seamless indoor/outdoor transition onto the patio

Creating a seamless transition from inside to outside living spaces has grown more popular in recent years. Our natural stone and porcelain paving are perfect for creating this look on the patio.

Natural stone really sets the tone in a kitchen, before leading outside onto the patio. Marble, Silver Green Slate, Travertine or Limestone; in Cathedral, Honey Blend & Neptune, are the perfect examples. They add texture, colour and warmth inside and outside.

With porcelain, there are differences between the internal and external paving. Internal porcelain is 10mm thick, making it easier to accommodate specifications of the home, while external is 20mm thick to allow for outdoor factors. Both have anti-slip qualities, with the internal having a smoother texture for a more pleasant feeling underfoot.

The Illusion of Length

Artisan Serenity Buff Brown with long straight lines for the illusion of space on a patio

Straight lines have long been used to trick the mind that a small courtyard or patio area is bigger than it is. This can be achieved with a focal point, such as a bench or sphere, with extending paving from it.

Large format paving also creates the illusion of space. Perfect for a contemporary garden. Large formats including natural stone Artisan Serenity and Granite paving and porcelain Context and Toscana ranges are great examples. Their straight, continuous lines can create a larger space from a small patio.


Old rectory circle York Green with bistro furniture on a patio

How you furnish a smaller garden space can create a cosy atmosphere. Using the shape of the furniture to match the patio for example, circle paving and bistro style furniture helps create the look. For long straight lines, picnic style tables with benches create a consistent look and keeps up the illusion of length.

Alternatively, if furniture makes your patio appear too small, use stone walling as seats on the borders of your garden. Old Rectory walling is the perfect choice for natural stone. Alternatively, create a wall that is clad with porcelain that flows to the ground and into the patio.

Do you have a small space that requires the magic of paving to realise the true potential of your patio? Check out our recommended paving here:

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