Garden Flyovers - Pebble Landscapes

This garden design uses our Exquisite Porcelain paving in Silver. This design has separate seating, kitchen dining area, relaxation areas and a water feature all joined together with a black pathway that leads from the house to each area.

The overall design is softened by lush planting which enhances the gardens overall visual appeal and softens the hard landscaping elements.

Garden Flyover - Kate Marshall Garden Design

Be inspired by the beautiful garden design, beautiful planting all working in harmony with the planting.

A great design by Kate Marshall Garden design showcasing the Siena Rookstone Porcelain paving and the outdoor kitchen clad in Quartz Grey Cladding, perfect for those outdoor balmy BBQ nights.

Garden Flyover - Pebble Landscapes

A collaboration with Pebble Landscapes. See how this garden design works in harmony with the Station Iron porcelain paving. An inspirational garden design which flows from back to front, from seating area to garden. The Station Iron porcelain has been used to pave the patio and seating areas but also been used to clad the stairs and upright planters. This is a garden that truly understands outdoor/indoor living.

Garden Flyovers - Pebble Landscapes

A collaboration with Pebble Landscapes, this garden design that incorporates a seating dining area, swimming pool leading down to a grassed area. The main area paved in the Exquisite Silver Porcelain leads onto the composite decking and pool area. The colour and the textures of the paving and decking combine to produce a visually interesting design that all the family can enjoy. We just need those sunny days to enjoy the pool and exterior dining area.

Garden Flythrough - Demonstration Garden

This garden design by Kate Marshall shows what can be done with a small space. Imagine a garden where a feature seating area takes centre stage, crafted with the influence of a skilled designer.

The interplay of textures begins with the bold contrast between the Carbon Slate natural stone cladding and the elegant Station White porcelain paving in the main area accented with Iron Porcelain Edging Strips and White Porcelain Steps.

Garden Flythrough - Demonstration Garden

Compact gardens can be visually stunning and practical! Enhance the beauty of your garden with a custom-made garden seat crafted from materials matching your outdoor space. This seat isn’t merely practical; with a modest investment of time and thoughtful consideration, it adds a touch of elegance. Picture a seat seamlessly blending into your garden, harmonizing with its surroundings. Well-designed garden seats become integral elements in your landscape. Featuring our Albero Porcelain and variations of our Porcelain Cladding.

Garden Flythrough - Demonstration Garden

This is not your ordinary seating space; it embodies a seamless fusion of carefully chosen elements, reflecting the designer’s extensive experience, distinctive style, and commitment to impeccable design and craftsmanship. The journey begins with a captivating interplay of textures, involving Buff Brown natural stone cladding, planters crafted with Castle Grey wall cladding, and the Jewell Ashen Grey porcelain paving along the primary walkway.

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