Which Cleaning Products Should I Use For Natural Stone Paving?

Which Cleaning Products Should I Use For Natural Stone Paving?

Apr 13, 2023

All natural stone paving requires basic maintenance in order to keep it looking good, although some paving may need more attention than others.

At Global Stone we are very pleased to be partnered with Azpects, the experts in hard landscaping products. Azpects provide a vast range of organic and ecological products to help you treat your natural stone. It removes issues such as stains, stubborn dirt and blackspot.

The simplest way to maintain your natural stone paving is by brushing it. Sweeping regularly will help to remove any waste or debris before it has a chance to stain the paving. Where stains have occured we recommend using the Azpects EASY Mortar Stain and Calcium Remover which helps to remove cement residue deposits, scale, oxidisation and atmospheric contamination. But unlike any other acid/alkaline cleaners, it doesn’t require neutralising after application.

Should lichen (a composite organism that arise from algae, also known as white or black spot) appear we recommend the Azpects EASY Black Spot Remover to kill the stubborn spores. To make removal even easier, use a pressure washer. But be careful – the force of the water exploits any minor cracks or weaknesses. It can also blast out loose stone or slightly weak jointing.

If you find that your paving gets dirty quite quickly, try using the Azpects EASY Patio & Deck Cleaner. A fast and effective way of removing heavy build-up of stubborn dirt and grime, the Patio & Deck Cleaner can be used as a stand-alone product or as an additive cleaner for use with a pressure washer. Not only will it continue to work for months after application, it will also effectively clean fences, sheds and other concrete, stone and wood items.

It is important to take care when using some cleaning products. This is because they can be based on, or include, hydrochloric acid. This can damage the paving surface, make the existing issue worse, or create a new one.

Head to https://www.azpects.co.uk/ to see their extensive range of products.